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Why I’m digging Digme

26 Dec 2017
Last updated on 1 Jun 2023

If you enjoy flashing lights, loud music and cold air brushing towards your face- you will love Digme.

Digme is a unique HIIT and spinning studio with high qualified instructors and best-in-class equipment. Their cycling class is designed to make you feel as comfortable and belonged as possible by offering you spinning shoes and high-end service. 

What makes Digme unique is the way you spend your 40 minutes. At the reception you are greeted with a warm welcome, the people there are very helpful. In fact, the first time I went there, the instructor was super helpful, after the session he spoke to me about how I had done and motivated me to continue my fitness with spinning.

Once you walk into the Digme studios the massive mirrors based at the front of the class will give you a nice view of the rest of the studio. Once you are sat and ready with your handlebars adjusted and shoes clicked in-  the lights dim, the music gets louder and you know your Digme session has officially started.

The class goes by very fast, it is intense and motivating, so if you like a slow paced workout this one is probably not for you. But if you like to push yourself, compete with others and finish the workout knowing you have done your best- Digme is the one.

Other perks that come with Digme is their super nice well-equipped changing room. They have an amazing shower facility, which means you can workout during lunch, after work or just before meeting up with friends.

Digme just makes working out easy and enjoyable for you.

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