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5 Benefits Of A TRX Workout

20 Jul 2020
Last updated on 1 Jun 2023

TRX, meaning a total resistance exercise, is a suspension trainer that offers a low impact full body workout. With a few simple adjustments, the level of difficulty can be altered, meaning that a TRX workout can be suitable for all fitness levels. </span

We spoke with Sam, a Wellhub personal trainer and Zest Live instructor, who specializes in TRX training to discuss the benefits of a TRX workout and why it can take our workouts to the next level:</span>

It’s portable

A TRX suspension trainer can be anchored to a load bearing beam, a tree, children’s play equipment and an internal door. Sam has had clients train in gardens, bedrooms, hallways and hotel rooms. A lightweight (approximately 1lb) piece of kit it’s ideal to take on holidays or business trips. </span>

It’s versatile

Whether your goal is to improve cardiovascular fitness, build muscle, improve flexibility and mobility or even compliment your Yoga practice there are TRX workouts for you. We have worked with runners keen to add some variety, ex-gymnasts who would like to keep a calisthenics based approach to training and of course general fitness enthusiasts. </span

Unlike free weight or resistance machine training where you need to actively adjust the weights to modify intensity with TRX it’s often as simple as moving your feet. This means that it is possible to get a great whole body workout in a really efficient time. By leveraging your body weight you can target specific areas or muscle groups, or fire up your cardiovascular fitness with an aerobic-based session.</span>

It develops core stability

Because all TRX training is working with gravity and instability your core is constantly being challenged. Even the standing exercises (chest press, biceps curls etc) require an ‘active plank’ which means your abdominal muscles will be ‘switched on’. Improving core stability has many benefits including better posture, reduced risk of lower back pain and enhanced balance.</span


It’s functional – and fun!

TRX was originally invented by a US Navy Seal as a way to strength train whilst on deployment, TRX Training can be applied to multiple athletic goals. The exercises all follow foundational movement patterns (movements that we use in everyday life) By practicing these movements (plank, push, pull, hinge, squat, lunge and rotate) in a controlled environment with a qualified coach and correct kit you will reap the rewards in your day to day routine. </span

Next time you are looking to try something new, give TRX training a try – we promise you that you will not regret it.

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