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Why Wellhub is right for you

24 Oct 2017
Last updated on 1 Jun 2023

Your fitness journey starts here!

Wellhub isn’t just an ordinary gym membership, it is a membership that gives you access to over 22,000 gyms around the world with unlimited access to any sport or class. You can access hundreds of classes and gyms near you with just a click of a button.

Why should I work out:

The benefits for working out is far more than just looking good or losing weight. Exercising benefits anything from increasing your energy levels to improving your general health and motivation. Truth be told, feeling fit is one of the greatest feelings someone can have. Achieving that fitness goal will not only boost your happiness level but will make you feel more confident in your own body.

This is why Wellhub wants to make it easier for you feel great every day!

Reprendre le sport avec du running !

How Wellhub works:

  1. Choose from hundreds of classes or gyms in our app. Boxing, yoga, Hiit and more
  2. Sign up for a Wellhub plan or day pass
  3. Find a gym near you and just go! Or book a class by just giving a quick call.
  4. Show the gym reception your daily token generated in your app

What classes can I go to?

We have over 500 different classes available for you to choose from in our app, just check their time and book it in! You can try Spinning one day and Muay Thai the next! We make it easy for you to explore your favourite type of workout.

Workout with friends

You can make your workouts more fun by inviting your friends to join you to any gym or class. Alternatively, your friends can choose to purchase a day pass to exercise in any of our gyms.

There are really no more excuses, just get moving!


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