Wellhub vs. One Pass Select

 Wellhub is a complete comprehensive wellness platform with a wide network of partners that deliver holistic employee wellbeing. Discover why Wellhub is the option for thousands of corporate clients across the United States! Get your questions answered. 


One Pass Select


A comprehensive wellness platform that lets employees take care of their holistic wellbeing through a wide-ranging network of in-person and on-demand digital partners.



A fitness network with in-person and remote exercise options and grocery delivery.

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Wellhub vs. One Pass Select: A Comparative Guide

See how the features of each platform stack up.  



One Pass Select

Digital Plan


Mental Wellbeing

Calm, Headspace, Thrive Global, Sleep Cycle, Zen, Meditopia, Synctuition, Rootd, Fabulous

Nutritional Wellness

1:1 sessions available on Stronger U, Nutrium

Nutrition guidance with Myfitnesspal, Lifesum, Nootric and Ekilu

Personalized Coaching


Specalized Wellness

Wellhub Digital Plan Includes: Fizzup, Gym Life, Instafit, MyFitnessPal, Sleep Cycle, Meditopia, Thrive Global, Fabulous, Maya, Mobills

Basic Subscription Cost



Holistic Physical Wellness

With Wellhub, your workforce gains access to gym memberships, on-demand classes, and remote personal trainers — plus nutrition counseling and trackers, healthy recipes, reproductive support, smoking cessation, and more. We empower every employee’s fitness journey from any starting point. And your workers don’t have to do it alone. With Wellhub’s Family Plans, they can exercise, eat, and get healthier with their loved ones!

Checking into the Wellhub app, a woman is tapping into her wellbeing through fitness, nutrition and mindfulness guidance.

Mental Wellbeing Support

One in three workers say emotional wellness is the most important dimension of wellbeing. With Wellhub, they have the resources they need to thrive. They can use habit-tracking apps to build great routines, build positive actions with behavior change support, and address anxiety with anti-anxiety apps. 

Mindfulness and Sleep On Demand

Employees can start the day energized thanks to sleep sounds and trackers on Wellhub. They’ll wash away workday stress with guided meditations, increasing focus throughout the day and making it easier to fall asleep again that night — the world’s most refreshing cycle. 

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