Launched October 2023

The State of Work-Life Wellness 2024

Discover why employees crave better wellbeing and how it can supercharge performance and productivity.

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Employee wellbeing is non-negotiable

If you want to attract and retain talent, you need to address what your people want most.*


believe wellbeing to be as important as their salary.


consider leaving a company not focusing on wellbeing.


engage with their employer’s available wellbeing benefits.

*Based on our 2024 Work-Life Wellness survey of 5,000+ employees.

What you’ll get in the report

We surveyed 5,000+ employees globally to share the most valuable corporate wellbeing insights.

Wellness strategies

Understand how better wellbeing fuels performance.

The eight dimensions

Learn how each dimension of wellness affects productivity.

Top wellbeing trends

See which wellness benefits employees value most.

Disparities in wellbeing

Discover which employees need the most support.

International insights

Explore employee wellbeing insights by country.

Programme guidance

Learn step-by-step how to build your wellness programme.

Use wellness to drive savings

Build an effective wellness programme and see your business thrive.*


of HR leaders have seen a cost reduction in healthcare.


of HR leaders saw a reduction in talent management costs.


of companies tracking ROI see positive wellness returns.

*Based on our 2023 Return on Wellbeing survey of more than 2,000 HR leaders.

When employees feel well, they work well.

Don’t miss out on the definitive guide to creating a wellness programme that fuels productivity.