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Goodbye Gympass, Welcome Wellhub: The Story Behind Our Rebrand

4 Apr 2024
Last updated on 30 Apr 2024

Recently, I found myself hung up on a particular brand tagline. I’d seen it quite a few times before– “we’re more than "just a gym-pass.” All wordplay aside, it was yet another sign to me as  Chief Marketing Officer that it was time for the Gympass brand to evolve. 

11+ years ago, Gympass started its journey as a direct-to-consumer “gym-pass” in Brazil before pivoting to offer our solution to B2B clients. 

Fast-forward to now, a time when Gallup reports work-life stress to be at an all-time high (yet again), our offerings have rapidly evolved to support today’s workforce. In the years since our founding, we’ve evolved to support employee wellbeing not only through physical activity, but also emotional health, mindfulness, nutritional support, financial wellness, and specialised wellness to help make every company a wellness company where every employee checks in with their wellbeing every day.

That’s why, I’m eagerly excited to turn the page on a new chapter in our story. In one month, we will reintroduce ourselves as the world’s most loved brand for holistic employee wellbeing. 

Gympass is rebranding to Wellhub.


How we got to Wellhub

We had many rounds of “the new name game”, but we naturally gravitated to our roots: simplicity. Tapping into wellbeing should be approachable, right? From “Gym” to “Well,” from “Pass” to “Hub,” Wellhub felt like a practical, but powerful shift into the future. 

Of course, our rebrand represents more than a name change; the “hub” embodies our vision of creating a centralised, dynamic platform for holistic wellbeing. It’s also a reflection of how we nurture our community– employees want variety, companies require ROI, partners need revenue. As the all-in-one platform for all things wellbeing, we are committed to helping everyone build long-lasting, life-changing behaviours with every check-in.

Gympass to Wellhub.png

Wheels turning: Our new logo

Central to our rebranding identity (and a first for us) is the introduction of a new icon logo: we call it the Wellbeing Flywheel. Visually it evokes our mission to keep the wheels of wellbeing in motion, forever turning to support healthier, happier people. The circular shape symbolises the platform where all dimensions of wellbeing converge, while the wavy fan-like spokes represent the constant and ever-evolving practice of wellness.

Our logo (US).png

The holistic advantage

In our leadership meetings, we’ve talked about wellness “inputs” vs. “outputs”. To use myself as an example: I love biking (input), so I can feel energised (output). With Wellhub, we’re taking this same interconnected holistic approach to help people work and live well. Our platform offers flexible all-in-one access (as in use it wherever and whenever) to the best network of gyms, studios, in-person and live-streaming classes, virtual personal trainers, wellness coaches, online therapy, and top-rated apps for physical, mental, emotional, and nutritional wellbeing.

ENGLISH - UK_03.png

Engaged in healthier business

One of the key benefits of Wellhub is its proven impact on promoting employee engagement and satisfaction. By offering a wide range of support services, resources, and personalised guidance, we're empowering employees to take ownership of their wellbeing journey. Studies have shown that healthier employees are more engaged, more productive, and more likely to stay with their companies.

ENGLISH - UK_04.pngENGLISH - UK_05.png

Join us on our journey.

If you’re here, then we invite you to become part of our story and mission to make every company a wellness company, so let’s embark on this thrilling new chapter together. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and expand our offerings. The future of wellbeing for every worker is looking mighty bright and we thank you for your continued support. 



Ryan Bonnici

Ryan Bonnici joined Wellhub as CMO in February 2022, drawn by his personal passion for workplace wellbeing. Twice named to Forbes' 'World's Most Influential CMOs', he previously held leadership roles at innovative tech companies like HubSpot, Salesforce's ExactTarget, and Microsoft. A champion of work-life wellness through initiatives like meeting-free Wednesdays, Ryan’s impressive career advocating mental wellbeing has earned features in Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan, Entrepreneur and more. With over 150,000 social media followers, he is an active and respected influencer in the global marketing and tech industry.