Upstream’s instant, data-driven decisions have arrived.

With Wellhub Upstream OS, your last well effortlessly becomes a data mine to make the next well produce better. Imagine how accurate the decision-making process will be once you add the data from every well recorded in your file cabinets.

Data clarity

Make the right decisions

Tired of making gut decisions that affect your bottom line?

Fear that your oil and gas operation has inefficiencies, but lack the data to make strategic changes?

What if all your well data was available instantly?

Making crucial decisions on your wells when you’re missing critical information is like playing Texas Hold’em with only one card in your hand. You would never play that way, and you certainly shouldn’t make decisions on a 15-million dollar well without all your data.

We can help.

Key Benefits

Visually Represented Data

Stop spending hours aggregating information with spreadsheets and creating models. Our software synthesizes your information and generates accurate models in seconds. We plug in all the numbers across your entire portfolio of wells to discover your opportunities.


We design every aspect of our OS, from interface to functions, with the end-user in mind. Behind the scenes, we do the heavy lifting so that you can access the data you need with minimal clicks. We beta-test all our applications and continually improve the user experience until we develop a version the testers find easy to use.

Cross-Departmental Information Sharing

Find all the notes and data for an entire project in one place. No more digging through old emails to find out why a decision was made. When a team member leaves, that information stays with you. Make searching through paper files and notebooks a thing of the past.


Engineers in oil and gas spend 50-80% of their time aggregating information. That time could be spent innovating and applying their specialized knowledge, instead of doing data entry. We respect your time and ensure that implementation and integration save you time in the long run.

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The world is accelerating toward digital information and technology.

Join us in upgrading Upstream Operations with it.

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