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Your subscription offers employees access to purchase affordable plans that support physical activity and mental wellbeing.


How to pay for Wellhub

Companies and employees both contribute to get affordable access to the Wellhub network.

Pricing for companies

Annual contract

Pay monthly with annual rates based on team size and investment level.

Online platform

Use the Wellhub platform to manage adoption, engagement, and track ROI.

Pricing for employees

Monthly subscription

Employees pay month-to-month for a plan that fits their wellness needs.

Mobile app

Employees use the Wellhub app to book gyms, classes, training and more.


Get total support for your wellness programme

Easily launch Wellhub and drive employee engagement with one platform.

  • Employee engagement

    Launch campaigns that drive enrollment and usage.

  • Easy programme administration

    Manage enrollment, monitor usage, and measure results.

  • Global support for employees

    Ensure the best wellbeing experience for your team.

  • Exclusive events & education

    Connect employees to wellbeing seminars, webinars, and more.

  • Wellness programme resources

    Use ready-made marketing assets to amplify awareness.

  • Dedicated client success team*

    Get help with setup, rollout, and annual planning expertise.

  • New network requests

    Refer gyms, studios, and apps to join the Wellhub Network.

*For enterprise clients only

Still thinking it over?

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